Tree Care

Tree Care and Tree Pruning Services in Murfreesboro TN
Taking Care of Your Trees is Important. If Your Trees Look Like this We can Help.

Why Proper Tree Care & Maintenance is Good

 Trees need some love too. Regular maintenance of your trees is important to keeping them healthy and looking good. Applying these tips can have your trees looking good year after year.

Routine Tree Care Inspection: Just like any other living organism trees get diseases to. Inspecting them at least once a year is advisable so that if they are getting sick you can do something about it. When you do an inspection make sure to look for sickly limbs and bark falling off. The difference between a healthy tree and a sick tree is often somewhat obvious.

Tree Care Mulching: Spreading mulch around your trees can also help protect them from weeds and other plants that may compete with the tree for moisture in the soil. A two inch thick covering can help provide a tree with an environment that is more stable for it to grow in. If you use mulch make sure that you leave space between the mulch and the trunk of the tree.

Tree Care Fertilization: Fertilizing a tree is like giving it vitamins. Often the soil around a tree may be lacking in nutrients which fertilizer can help replace. You do need to be aware that using the wrong fertilizer can be deadly to a tree so make sure to consult someone that knows which ones to use.

Pruning: Large full grown trees can often get out of hand. But with proper pruning a full grown tree can maintain a long healthy life. Often trees develop diseased or dead branches that need to be removed. Removing these branches preserves the health of the tree. You should though be careful not to over prune a tree because that can add stress to the tree. An arborist can help greatly with how much too actually prune your trees.

Tree Irrigation: The climate that we live in tends to provide a good source of water for our trees. It can at times become dry and when that happens assuming you do not have sprinklers installed you can use a garden hose as a drip system for your trees. Do not water the trunk of the tree or the roots directly. The roots may start to grow upward if you do.

And again make sure to inspect your trees periodically. Dead limbs and disease can be dealt with proactively which will help maintain the health of your tree for both your family and the environment to enjoy.

If you have issues with your trees and would like an arborist to visit you please call 615-427-3538 or email us.