About Us

Hello, My name is Lawrence Levenhagen and I am passionate about trees, pruning, climbing, and rigging. That and my family make me one lucky man, because I am doing the work I feel I was born to do. Although my company is small, my experience with trees and powerful equipment predates my time in the tree care industry.

I began climbing recreationally when I was younger and in the Navy. I was determined to find a way to climb professionally and landed a position on a cell tower crew, thinking it could not get better than that. Providence, however, had a different plan for me. In 2004 I found myself on a tree service crew and since have barely looked back.

My crew and I provide specialty tree care to enhance the beauty and value of your property.

I am excited about the opportunity to help ensure the health and vitality of your trees or safely remove the ones that need to go. Give me a chance to bid against my competition and experience what my passion can do for your trees. My family, crew, and I appreciate your consideration.


Lawrence Levenhagen